A puzzle game to challenge your mind.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Move a provided set of pieces and arrange them on the grid to all fit. In order for all of the pieces to fit, some of them have to be rotated and overlap other pieces. Where pieces overlap, the color, or graphics on the pieces have to match perfectly. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just you find out. Compete with your friends and family for record times. As you advance to upper levels, the puzzles increase in grid size and complexity. Customize the game by selecting among many different themes – cross colors, intersect insects, stack fruit, cover eyes/ears/mouth, fasten buttons, just to name a few.




Overlap Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions on how to play the game? Yes, there is a tutorial built-in to Overlap. From the menu view, tap the “Learn” button. This is an 8 page set of instructions. Be sure to swipe the screen to progress from page to page within the tutorial.

Is there an “undo” feature to correct a mistake? If you place a piece incorrectly, you can return it to the bin by tapping on it in the grid. Once it is back in the bin, you can move it (or another piece) to the correct location. To return all of the pieces to the bin (in other words, to start over), shake your device.

Is there really a solution to every Overlap puzzle? Yes. Unlike many other puzzle apps, Overlap’s puzzles are generated randomly and algorithmically by your device. Your device takes a generated solution, and derives the pieces from it, working backwards so as to guarantee solvability. There is no human author, so there is no human error. There is also no practical limit to the number and variety of unique puzzles.

I’m having trouble rotating the Bin; what can I do about it? Manually rotating the bin requires you to drag your finger near the lower right corner of your screen. Apple refers to this action as a “pan gesture”. The touch sensors in your device may not be as sensitive near the corner. This isn’t necessarily to say that your device is defective, there are simply fewer sensors right at the corner to “average out” and determine where you are touching. If you have this difficulty, there are three workarounds. First, you can use on-the-fly rotation as described at the bottom of the fourth page of the “Learn” tutorial. Second, the bin can be rotated using a simple tap on the turn handle; in general, taps are easier to detect than pan gestures. Third, try rotating your devise to change the orientation of the screen; make sure “orientation lock” (a system-wide setting on your device) is disabled.

What does the “automove” setting do? When enabled (checked), automove looks for and completes “obvious” moves automatically. For example, if every block at the location of a vertically oriented space in the grid is crossed by horizontal pieces, the vertical piece will be placed automatically as soon as the last of the crossing horizontal pieces is places.

Why does the iPad have more levels than the iPhone or iPod Touch? In addition to “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”, the iPad has three more levels… “Way Hard”, “Expert” and “Extreme”. This isn’t because we like iPad users better than iPhone users. We like all of you very much. It’s simply because there is more physical space on the iPad’s screen. If these higher levels were displayed on the iPhone, the pieces would be too small to see and manipulate. There is no actual difference in the app, it is “universal,” but simply measures the screen when launched to determine what levels to offer. The three iPad-only levels are very difficult indeed and are not missed by most iPhone users.

What is the point of asking me to choosing a color? In Overlap, color is identity. You may regularly choose red and your sister may regularly choose purple, your grandmother green, and so on. If you beat other’s times, the menu buttons reflect your color choice, and your competitors can see that and will try to regain their own color dominance.

My sister beats my times, because she gets easier puzzles than I do. What’s up with that? Overlap’s puzzles are generated randomly and algorithmically. There are several “quality control” checks that the app employees to make sure puzzles are relatively consistent in their degree of challenge. For every puzzle presented, there are several puzzles that fail to cut mustard and are never seen. Face it, your sister is just smarter than you.

Does Overlap share any of my personal information on the internet? Absolutely not.

How do I reset Overlap? You can reset the game using Apple’s “Settings” application – look for “Overlap” near the bottom of the list. Select it, and you’ll find a reset switch. This will reset the time for all levels, and also reset settings and theme choice to default values.

Can I listen to my music while playing Overlap? Yes, you can listen to audio from another application by unchecking both “music” and “effects” in the Settings view. You access the Settings view by tapping the gear icon at the bottom of the menu. Once disabled, you will have to press the the Home button to leave Overlap, restart your music, and then return to Overlap.

I bought this app, why do I have to see ads? Well, first, thank you for your purchase. Know that we try to keep the ads very minimal. They only show up when the menu is displayed, not during game play. If you enjoy Overlap, you may also enjoy our other apps being advertised. We do not advertise third party apps, products or services. That said, we respect your opinion, and yes, you can turn off the ads using Apple’s “Settings” application – look for “Overlap” near the bottom of the list. Tap on it, and you will see an on/off switch for enabling/disabling the ads.

One of the themes is a pigpen cipher, isn’t it? What are the letters, what does it mean?This is left as an exercise for the student.


This game is both simple, and clever. Should it remind me of another certain 9×9 grid puzzle game? We’re glad you like it. It was inspired by architect Howard Garns.

What if I have other questions? E-mail us at support@frontdesk.com. Be sure to mention “Overlap” in the subject line.



Have a question? Please contact us at support@frontdesk.com and be sure to mention “Overlap” in the subject line. Thank you!

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