A pattern matching game for your whole family.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40AndOrb is a pattern matching game for children that is enjoyed by adults. A number of colored and patterned orbs are displayed. Simply tap the two that match within a timed limit and you’ll advance. As you advance, more orbs are displayed and more matching pairs have to be found. Variations on the basic game are included. The variations focus on matching capital to lowercase letters, recognition of numbers and quantities, learning to read analog and digital clock faces, and an extra formidable Challenge mode. Settings enable simplification of the graphics to assist those with visual impairments.




AndOrb Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intent of AndOrb? AndOrb is a pattern recognition game. Simply find pairs of matching orbs. This is an important skill for children to develop, and can also be very entertaining and relaxing for adults.

What do the little face icons mean? The “face cards” represent the five different games included in AndOrb. The cards on the menu screen represent from left to right… 1. Matching capital to lowercase letters mode. 2. Special, extra-difficult challenge mode. 3. Standard fun mode. 4. Matching different type of number systems. 5. Matching digital and analog clock faces.

How do we define “matching” anyway? For both the standard mode and the challenge mode, matching means the two orbs will have exactly the same colors and patterns, but they may differ in size. For the “letters” mode, you are asked to match capital letters to lower-case letters. For the “numbers” mode, you are asked to pair familiar arabic numerals, to quantities of dots, tally marks, and roman numerals. For the “clock” mode, you are asked to identify the same time on one analog and one digital clock face.

Are there any concessions in the game for users with visual impairments? Yes. If you have difficulty distinguishing colors, or if the shadows and reflections make matching orbs difficult, then you can disable color and lighting effects using the Settings button (with the gears icon) in the lower-left corner of the menu screen.

Are there any concessions in the game for users with cognitive disabilities? Yes and no. By design, AndOrb responds to the users skill level. If a user finds the game too challenging, it will gradually simplify the puzzle, by reducing the number of orbs, all the way down to matching two out of three. That said, this is the app’s default behavior, there is no special setting to enable this feature.

What determines if I advance or not? The progress bar at the bottom of the play area shows the passage of time. It is divided into two pieces. If the puzzle is solved in the first half of the time limit (while the bar is green), you will advance to the next level, meaning more orbs, and eventually meaning you have to find more than one matching pair at a time. If puzzle is solved in the second half or the time limit (when the bar is yellow), you maintain and replay the current level. If time lapses, and the progress bar turns red, you will revert to the previous level with one fewer orb on the screen.

Does AndOrb share any of my personal information on the internet? Absolutely not.

How do I reset AndOrb? The five games of AndOrb can be individually reset to the default level of difficulty (level 8 is the default) using the Settings button (with the gears icon) in the lower-left corner of the menu screen.

Can I listen to music while playing AndOrb? Yes, you can listen to audio from another application by disabling sound using the Settings button in the lower-left corner of the menu screen. Once disabled, you will have to press the Home button to leave AndOrb, restart your music, and then return to AndOrb.

I bought this app, why do I have to see ads? Well, first, thank you for your purchase. Know that we try to keep the ads very minimal. They only show up when the menu is displayed, not during game play. If you enjoy AndOrb, you may also enjoy our other apps being advertised. We do not advertise third party apps, products or services. That said, we respect your opinion, and yes, you can turn off the ads using Apple’s “Settings” application – look for “AndOrb” in the left-hand list. There is an on/off switch for enabling/disabling the ads in the right-hand pane.

What if I have other questions? E-mail us at Be sure to mention “AndOrb” in the subject line.



Have a question? Please contact us at and be sure to mention “AndOrb” in the subject line. Thank you!

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